Pioneers 1 Bolts 1
May 23, 2018
Pictures by David Henry/

On a beautiful Wednesday evening at Lusitano Stadium, the Pioneers and FC Boston Bolts were tied at full time. The Bolts opened up the scoring with an early goal by #8 Dillon McCabe. The Pioneers were unable to answer this goal in the first half. When all hope seemed to be gone, Jack Fuller scores a beautiful goal in the 86’ to save the Pioneers from a loss. A world class display of goalkeeping by Rafael Pereira allowed the Pioneers to remain in reach of a tie. Rafael was tested numerous times late in the game and stayed strong in net. The Pioneers return to action this Friday at home, 7:30 PM vs. GPS Portland Phoenix.

Casey Hamill
Louis Tambini
Danny Fabian
Toto Coimbra
Kyle Tomas
Brian Vang
Christian and Marco win the psi91 kick challenge!