On Wednesday September 12, 2018 the students and staff at Chapin Street Elementary School in Ludlow welcomed Big Y, Dole Fruits, and players from the Pioneers soccer team to participate in the Captain Planet Foundation Project Learning Garden. Students picked vegetables from the memorial garden outside the school, learned how to make salad dressing, and met with the Pioneers. The memorial garden was started in honor of former principal Susan Peace, who passed away in 2015. Pioneers star players Maxi Viera and Evan Burokas took pictures, signed autographs, and passed out numerous footballs, soccer balls, and basketballs to the students. After the event, Evan stuck around to answer some questions. On the topic of what it means to the players to give back to the community, Evan Burokas stated with a smile on his face “The community in Ludlow is so friendly and caring… it is important to show the youth that eating fruits and vegetables is good for you. Also, during the season, I always see the youth come and support us, so we come support them and mentor them, so they can hopefully play for the Pioneers one day.” The students and staff at Chapin were excited and thankful to have everyone come out and enjoy this important event.